Wind Bell with Butterfly pendant


Wind Bell with Butterfly Pendant


Hand crafted wind bell/chime constructed of mild steel and finished with a durable matt black coat.

This wind bell has three distinct notes when struck and carries a sound similar to that of a church bell.

Underneath the wind bell is a pendant wind catcher in the shape of an Butterfly. This is 3D printed with PLA before being sanded and coated with the same paint as the wind bell.

We use PLA in order to create a light but durable pendant that looks good while also catching the wind.

Where are they made:

Each of our wind bells are hand made in Kent, UK in our work shop.

How are they made:

We start by selecting three different grades of steel which is then cut to size on site.

From there the steel is treated and cleaned, then welded together.

The hooks and hoops are then hand crafted out of steel before being welded onto the main body.

We then clean them up, remove any sharp edges before moving onto painting.

The clapper arm is then hand crafted out of steel and a PLA clapper is attached. (We use PLA instead of metals to give a better ring to the bell when struck).

The clapper is then also painted before being attached to the main body.

We then 3D print the pendant, sand and paint it before attaching it to the clapper arm.

Finally we test all of the bells for sound, strength and quality to ensure they ring clear and stand up to the tests of time.


want to hear how it sounds, click the sample below:

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions
    • H: 27cm
    • W: 18cm
  • Weight
    • 1.4kg
  • Colour
    • Matt Black
  • Material
    • Main body:
      • Steel
    • Pendant:
      • PLA


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